Elizabeth Escobar Puerta

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Heeft een door de BBPO-FBPO erkende opleiding gevolgd

Well Being Organized

«Organize, advance, flow, let that sparkle shine again that will illuminate your inner fire and show you the way to your own happiness».

Learn / relearn with happiness to organize your life for life.

My mission:

I am a “little spark” in charge of illuminating / re-illuminating the inner light that shows us the path to our happiness and to our mission in life. I also share the collective mission of “Organizing the world” (#organizedtheworld) and inspire other people to live a life full of harmony and happiness.

What I do?

I do magic! Taran !: With a simple and easy method I bring up the harmony, organization and inner happiness that we are all looking for. I teach how to transform internal and external spaces with light and positive energy and with an easy and practical method of organization. It facilitated and promoted that change you are wishing to reach a state of happiness and harmony in balance with your expectations.

For whom?

For you, if you feel that your life is currently in total disorder, if you feel overwhelmed, tired without energy and do not know how to do each morning to start a new day. If you are looking to find / rediscover inner and outer happiness, harmony, inner peace, then my accompaniment is for you.